Please let me breathe…

Dear person behind the screen,

I know you and I have briefly talked about this before, but I am only human, it happens that thougths in my head tend to repeat themselves, only when they do they are added by more wonder, more questions, more concerns.

So how important it is in a relationship to be able to breathe? In my experience of relationships which had so much oppression, control and passive physical and mental obsession in them, I learned that for me breathing and having the freedom to breathe and act is one of the most important things. One thing I never understood is that how is it possible to preserve love and feelings if there is no room for them to grow because of constant oppression? Or is oppression a sick way to show you care and to make you feel loved?

Of course I can’t be generalising here saying it is bad for everybody because I know people who like to be ‘controled’. But when I hear boyfriends telling their sweethearts that they shouldn’t dress up because they aren’t there or go out when they could talk to them instead. I don’t understand that. Aren’t those little things you could decide for yourself? And wouldn’t a relationship be strongerĀ  if you two would have a life to attend and meet together, lay in bed and share all the little things? And then live through other, yet just as special, little things together? But can that really happen if you just control every little aspect of your lives?

Just a thought of the day.

Truly yours,


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