Humanity where are you?

Dear person behind the screen,

it is very late in the part of the world where I am and sleep is falling upon me. However I couldn’t just fall asleep because my thoughts do not let go of my conscious. I never thought that opening a browser and reading news would be something I would be terrified, something I would fear of. And yet, I do. Something so simple could be so difficult. Yet there is a very simple answer to why it is the case, because I know that every time I would open another article my hope in humanity will be dying with another attack.

I do not want to talk about politics here and discuss who is right and who is wrong because there are always two truths and debating which one is the correct one is not only out of my competence, but also (most importantly) is out of my desires. However I do want to just remember those innosent people who are suffering from decissions which never belonged to them, for people who are a decoration for somebody else’s play.

Anger only encourages anger, so I am bring flowers. I don’t want my generation to become another generation of war and loss. It is impossible to change the world, but it is easy to change yourself. And that is a very good place to start.

Truly yours,


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