When the trees were so tall and the sky so blue…

‘Youth is wasted on the young.’

-George Bernard Shaw.

Dear person behind the screen,

sometimes days drag and we can’t seem to get to the end of the week, hour after an hour it is still a tuesday afternoon and friday is definitely longer than a blink away. But at the same time take a bunch of long days like this and you will notice that half a year passed and it is almost winter again. So how can life go by so fast yet slow at the same time?

A question even harder to answer comes to mind, if life runs by so fast, can you fully take advantage of it? And I know looking at some people’s twitter, facebook or instagram you can understand the saying to take the bull by it’s horns. But what about the rest of us, more introverted people? I can’t stop thinking that even though I am constantly doing something, I have done nothing. I know I am young, I am only in my early twenties and so almost the whole life is ahead of me. But twenty years is a long time! Bach and Mozzart have written so many symphonies by this age! And me… what about me?

How do you understand that you are doing something really worth while of your time and age? I suppose the time to experiment, the time to be couragious and live outside of the box that is our mind, is the time of our youth. When else can we take the crazy things the world has to offer if not now? How good will an eldery life without memories to remember be? Or is this seeing life black and white?

Truly yours,


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