A movement to keep living.

‘The best way out is always through.’

-Robert Frost

Dear person behind the screen,

‘Breathe in… Breathe out…’ – those are the words I heard so often from so many people around me, be it a yoga instructor, my mother or my friends. And I know many of you have heard these words, which supposed to help you whether you are feeling sad, angry or cheated. Does breathing actually help? I think it truly does on one level, it does help you to calm down that instance(or maybe a few instances after that). But I think I have grown to understand the real meaning of these words, they have a rather metaphorical meaning.

Of course, breathing is important, breathing sustains life. But I think through out life it is important to learn how to breathe out your problems. Because let’s be honest did worrying ever help anyone? Well okay, I must agree that there is probably a case where it did help, but still, not the point. The point is that if you keep worrying about the little things, there is a big chance that you might miss the actual ‘big’ thing. So I think I am growing to understand that one of the most important things you can learn in life is to care for things which are truly important to you and your closests, the rest comes after (if it comes at all).

Of course to determine what is important and what’s not it is important to find an aim you strike for, maybe an aim and purpose in life sounds a bit too much and so I am saying an aim that is important to you now. Yes, looking back in 10 years you might think that you wasted your time on it, but if it was important for you then, this is all that matters. I think in life we should always have a certain aim or a direction. Otherwise is it life at all if you never strike to move?

Truly yours,


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