Are we worth fighting for?

‘Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.’

-Shannon L. Alder

Dear person behind the screen,

how long can you allow somebody to hurt you? And I am not talking about serious physical or mental abuse, because that you should not be able to tolerate, who ever you are, I strongly believe that you should never silence abuse. As scary as it may be, you should always speak out about it because not only will you be protecting yourself, but you will be protecting others, who could possibly suffer too. And no matter how alone you feel, there is always somebody who has gone through the same thing.

However ever how long can you allow a person to hurt you in little ways? Break promises to call, break promises to write, break promises to care. What if time after time, you realise ‘no, I am not your priority. You are your own priority.’ And of course there is nothing wrong that, we all fall in love at different paces, same as we all care with different passion. That is not to say that he/she don’t want to care as much, perhaps they care the best they can. It is just not enough for us.

And yes, you could look at the relationship and say, well why do you stay in it if you think it’s not enough? Well what if when things are truly happy and you two are together, than it is more than enough and you understand that they do care. But love can never be as smooth as peanut butter, you always find a clump. But perhaps if you can take that clump out, that means you two are meant to be? But does that mean you should eat the little disappointments of present to find the answer?

Truly yours,


7 thoughts on “Are we worth fighting for?

  1. There can be a phase, a long phase in which you expect what she never even promised. You think she would feel encouraged to promise and care only because you love her. And that should be reason enough for her to see you, to notice how you ache and to move her hand towards you, to help. But she just can’t see it, doesn’t comprehend you neither wants to, and it’s not her fault, it’s yours for craving what she never intended to give.

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    1. Yes, that is very touching what you have written here. And I can certanly see how you would think that. But for some reason the belief in people’s honestly doesn’t die in me even with disappointment. If a person says he wants to care and he wants to be there. I still believe it, even though like you say, I may be expecting too much.

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      1. Yes, in my case I was never promised a thing, but I’m seeing yours is different.
        If even myself, in the situation as I described it, I believed in her “intentions”, the intentions I wanted to see, of course I believe you should listen to his promisses, if he shows that he loves you. Even if it’s only sometimes 😉

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      2. But you know I think it is important to believe in feelings and people, maybe sometimes we believe in something false, but I think it’s better to believe and get disappointed, than not to believe at all.
        And I think you are very much right about the ‘only sometimes’ thought 🙂

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