Does true love exist for all?

‘The course of true love never did run smooth.’

-William Shakespeare.

Dear person behind the screen,

what is true love? I think it has become a theme of mine to say that there is no one answer to this. As perhaps there is no answer to love at all, I mean can you tell me what love truly is in one simple sentence? To say honestly, if you can fit all those extraordinary feelings into one 5 word sentence, I don’t think you actually know what love is. Because I suppose love is everything and it would take a book longer than War and Peace to describe it.

But one thing I did wonder this morning is what does it take to love truly? Because I will be very honest with you I do not think that every single person out there is capable of true love. In fact I do not think that most people even meet their true love, a lot just give up looking because they think the perfect does not exist. And so they settle for something they think they deserve and for something they think is right. But what those people fail to understand is that the perfect does exist, only it is different for every one of us. When we fall in love truly all the faults of the ones we love somehow emerge into one and we love them for that and perhaps even stop noticing them with time. Because we accept them for who they truly are and we love that person.

I know every other person out there claims that they have been in love at least once in their life. But is it really true? Do they just think they have been in love? But was it real love? I think I have grown to understand that you really have to be a certain person inside to actually recognise true love and more over to feel it. Of course we can all feel sympathy and attraction, but can we all feel love?

Truly yours,


13 thoughts on “Does true love exist for all?

  1. I agree when you say not everyone can experience true love.
    Describing true love in love, that’s hard, perhaps “Loving her more than yourself”, this may not be too bad of a definition. But again, what is love?
    I think I comprehend it, though it can’t be rightly defined.
    And I think it takes a really special person to make you feel truly in love, and another even rarer one to reciprocate it. Because it’s hard to find this two conditions inside the same person.


    1. Yes, I think I really do agree with your definition, because a lot can say that they love their partner more, but only a few actually feel it. And I agree with what you are saying about the right person so much. I have noticed from personal experience that sometimes I thought I was in love, but then you meet a different person who is truly special, you understand that you just used to think you were. xxx

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