A golden cage is still a cage…

‘When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different.’

-Jess C. Scott

Dear person behind the screen,

relationships are complicated, even the simple once are complicated. Maybe it’s due to our nature, humans love to over think and over complicate even the most simple things of all. But relationships are hard because for once you don’t just care for your own heart (at least that how it’s supposed to be in my mind), you care for somebody elses heart too. A heart which was a stranger at first, but then became one of the closest. I guess there isn’t just one secret to how to keep a functional relationship, there are a million of them and every couple has their own. This is why I always disagreed with the lists magazines post, because what’s right for them, isn’t necessarily right for you. You have to learn how to stay in love yourself, the rest can just offer suggestions. After numerous of heart breaks I have discovered the secret for me. Or at least it is the secret of my present.

The secret of freedom.

Freedom comes in so many different forms and shapes. I know a lot of people, or at least people I knew in the past, who think that when you enter a relationship you give your freedom away. You are no longer alone or a one, from now on you are two. If before I was fooled in believing that, I reject the idea now. I do not believe that you have to talk to a person 24/7 (especially if it is a long distance relationship), I don’t think it is necessary to give the person an hour to an hour account of what you are doing each day, and updating the other person of your moves hourly. NO! I reject this idea now. I think you can and you have to be free in a relationship to make it last.

With freedom comes trust, the trust to know that regardless of what the person will be doing, where and who with, the person will always stay faithful to you. Of course you may want and need to set some basic grounds because we all have our different ideas of ‘normal’. But what isn’t normal is locking the person inside a cage, even if it is a golden cage, it is still a cage. Now I think there is something special when you two have the freedom to do things you want and then come back to the same bed and share all the minutes of happiness you had separate together. Of course there will always be people who would prefer the golden cage, but that will never be me.

Truly yours,


7 thoughts on “A golden cage is still a cage…

  1. This reminded me of a paragraph on one of my previous posts. (Bye! See you no more!).
    It’s kind of sad, maybe disappointing to see someone flee from love only because they fear for their independence. They’re somehow blindly afraid, afraid of loving and losing themselves in the process of handing their hearts and being one with someone! Lovely read this one! 😉


    1. I would agree, but it is also very sad when one person thinks he/she have a right to tie the other person to them. You know it is important to be able to breathe in a relationship 🙂 And thank you so much for your lovely comment xxx

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