A second of happiness together which is worth a life-time of sadness.

‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.’

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Dear person behind the screen,

looking at the people around me, looking at ‘grown up’ people in my life, I understand that the friends they made were mainly the friends they made during their youth. Of course they are exclusions from this ( life there are exclusions from everything in life), but as a rule I think I have learned that youth is the time of connections. The time you connect to so many various people, as we grow older it almost seems like we close up and become more suspicious about people around us.

What I am growing to realise is that friendship helps both in happiness and sadness. Yes, I think in happiness we need help too, you can’t be truly happy if you have nobody to share your happiness with. Be it your friends or your family. To be happy truly is not only to feel it yourself to the bottom of your soul, but also to have those special people to feel it and share it with. Because happiness that is not shared, is not happiness at all. And perhaps a person who has nobody to share it with, is the most unhappy one. Nothing ruins happiness more, than living through it alone.

This makes me encourage you to keep that part of youth till the very end of age. Don’t waste aways the jewels of youth.

Truly yours,


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