When you are so stressed out you feel like your book shelf is looking at you…

‘Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength.’

-Corrie ten Boom

Dear person behind the screen,

Before, when I was younger stress wasn’t a thing which has really bothered me, some how I have always been able to turn my mind away from the problem, laugh it off and focus on something more pleasant. And some how, I have always managed to get by all the stress and worries. But I guess this is the childhood/teenage carefree life. But now, the older I grow, the easier stress finds holes within my nerves to get to me. In the past year, I had to move two times, and the third one is getting close again. The first time I moved I was pre-occupied with other issues and I had help from the closest people, so it had just went by. The second time I was on my own and I got so stressed out that I threw half of my belongings out and spent hours tearing on my friend’s shoulder. Now I have a week till I will move (to a different country too) and I realise that too much has to be done in the little time and so I am sitting far far away not even at a place I have to worry, but I am worried out of my mind.

The paradox is that deep inside of me there is a voice saying that all will be fine and even though there is a short time limit – I will do it all. But it is very hard to hear that tiny whisper, when my everything is shouting in anger, paranoia and worry. I feel like stress relief is literally one of the most popular things to give advice on, probably because when you look at somebody else’s stress it really looks like nothing much to be stressed about.

One thing I understood that it is actually true. You just shouldn’t worry that much because a. if you will worry and stress out you are increasing the chances of you failing to do what you wanted to do. And b. if you will add up all the time you spent worrying together in a life time, you will really waste a year of your life. So I think one thing I have told myself to do, is to try and enjoy the stressful life, because if you have things to stress about, it means that you have things to care for in your life. And your life won’t always be as active and you won’t always have to sort things outs. This means you are actually living. So when you do feel stressed try to look at your situation as a stranger would and evaluate if it is actually that important to break your nerves over.

Truly yours,


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