Things change and life doesn’t stop for anybody.

‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.’

-Leo Tolstoy.

Dear person behind the screen,

we were all born good. As new borns we don’t know the distinctions between good and bad, we don’t see the difference between gender and race, we do not abuse each other because we are all the same. And then we grow up. The more we see the world and explore it’s corners, we change and there we learn our differences. The more we grow, the more we understand that we would like to embrace different parts of the world. The parts we choose to embrace, shape our understanding of difference. Some grow understanding and others grow to judge. I know with opinions towards gender and race and sex, your background does shape your understanding and perception of people. But how does it happen that some people grow cruel?

Over my life time (which wasn’t as long, but isn’t as short either) I have met a few people who were truly evil in their nature and many more who just weren’t good. I am sure a lot of you have similar experiences. When you embrace the world fully, it is impossible for you to miss all sorts of different people. I know perhaps it is too black and white, to label people just by being rather ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but doesn’t it essentially come to just that? Those who are prepared to sacrifice themselves and those who aren’t and never will.

But is it possible to change? Can truly good people go bad? And can people change and become good after years and years of bringing pain and hurt to everybody, even complete strangers?

Truly yours,


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