Learning to say goodbye…

‘Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember and cry.’

-dr. Seuss.saying-goodbye-banner

Dear person the screen,

I think one of the hardest words to say to somebody is ‘goodbye’. I know that ‘hello’ could be a pretty hard one too, we all have our insecurities which can stop us from being ourselves when we say that first ‘hello’, or perhaps our insecurities and over thinking stops us from saying that one ‘hello’, a ‘hello’ which could have changed some things around for you. But what if you finally managed to say the ‘hello’, and the things which followed were great, maybe even perfect at some point, but what if a point after a point brought you to a place when your heart knows you need to say a ‘goodbye’, not for the night no, a ‘goodbye’ to all of the future ‘hello’s’. And I am not trying to relate this to romantic relationships only, no, this could be a case with friendships or any sort of relationships. There always comes a time to say goodbye.

In my life I understood that sometimes relationships come to an end naturally, whether it was you or then who changed, or it was life itself which changed so much that people simply lose the connection they had. As I think I said before, feelings have a nasty habit of disappearing over a night. Any feelings can, not only love can do it. As they say there is also one step separating hate and love.

Sometimes, there comes a moment when you understand that you are thankful for all the memories you had together in the past and you are thankful that that person have always been there for you, maybe not in the way you wanted, but perhaps in the way you needed. But there will come a moment when you will understand that regardless of the past happiness, there comes a time to say goodbye. This has certainly happened to me on many numerous occasions: in love, but perhaps more often in friendship. The hard part of having grown together is to understand that you alone have grown in a different direction, and their direction is not the one you want to be seen in or even look at. But what if after you managed to say goodbye, their direction chaises you back, what if they thought your goodbye only meant a goodbye for now and not forever?

But can you truly say goodbye forever? At the end of the day, those people and those relationships are a part of your past, and you can’t erase the past. You can certainly stop thinking about it and move on, but your past is the reason you are where you are now. So is it fair to cancel those relationships out of your life completely? Perhaps not, but what if keeping them at present is a constant reminder of the negativity you were able to escape by escaping them?

Truly yours,


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