Is growing up a trap?

Dear person behind the screen,

of course we age with every day of our lives, but it only becomes apparent when the special birthday strikes. Then you know for sure another year have passed you by, a year you will never be able to return. Yes, I know that I probably sound very melancholic about those joyful days. I mean who doesn’t like birthdays, right?

Well I absolutely loved them until I turned 18. And after, it became quite an adventure. Two people fighting within me: one a little child who still received every second of the day torta_13185129420-91905500as happiness, and then another who was incredibly sad that childhood is ended and all I have to look forward to is adulthood. Now don’t get me wrong, being grown up has it up’s too, a lot of them in fact. But something I have found is that the more people grow up the faster they forget that they too were a child once too. Looking at some people, it almost seems like they were born adults.

I realised that what really distinguishes people from each other is that some still have childhood shining through their eyes. And those people are truly the best kind, people who can laugh out loud without caring what others think of them, chasing a dream no matter how impossible it seems, and more importantly believing in miracles. Why most importantly, because as Peter Pan taught us: you have to believe to be able to fly.

I struggle to let go a part of my childhood and I honestly tried to keep hold of it for as long as I could. So I can’t look at those young girls trying to grow up so fast, without a tear in my eyes. Because putting on make up – doesn’t mean grown up, dressing up as a grown up – doesn’t mean grown up, having sex- doesn’t mean grown up, drinking doesn’t mean it either. I have a niece, she just turned 6 this year, so young, such a child. But she already can’t wait to become a grown up and her parents encourage that I believe.

But I always keep telling her to enjoy being a child, because you will be an adult for the rest of your life.

Truly yours,


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