Lost within my thoughts. Anybody seen me?

‘Getting lost is just another way of saying going exploring’
-Justina Chen

Dear person behind the screen,

have you ever felt lost? Lost geographically within your own thoughts and feelings? Lost to the point that you don’t know whether it is your mind or heart telling you what to do. I think one of the advices given most often to those who are confused is: ‘Listen to your heart, it always knows best’. But what if your heart had quit the occupation of a relationship adviser and exhibits it’s potential in pumping blood?

It feels better when you are torn over a decision because at least then you know there are as many doors you can close, just as many as you InstagramCapture_88b2c0e4-c10f-447b-be1a-84025a948793can open. But what if you are sitting in your living room, looking around and you understand that you have everything a person needs, but at the same time there is something you can’t distinguish. Something is simply not where. But what is it? You don’t know.

Another advice I heard just as many times, is that things are always more clear in the mornings. But what if your morning is just as dark as your night. Sure, the sun has replaced the moon, but nether the less, it is shining for somebody else. Somebody who knows exactly what they want.

And no, it is not because you don’t have a dream. You do, your pockets are full of dreams. Of course, they can fit more, but it is not what you are lacking. When I was younger I used to break my head over finding to a solution of why things are like so.

But now I understand. That sometimes, you need to allow yourself to be lost in order to be found.

Truly yours,


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