Regrets, Regrets and a little more of those nasties…

‘Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “it might have been.”’
-Kurt Vonnegut
Dear person behind the screen,

For some time now I have been thinking about regrets (well you can say I have been over thinking my past along with my past experiences). Looking back I realize that I regret things I didn’t do, more than the things I actually did. Even if things haven’t worked out as I have expected or wanted them to, at least I didn’t lock myself in the chamber of ‘what if’s’. Sometimes I have forced myself to come out of my comfort zone and I have been hurt, but behind that pain was a sense of happiness too. A sense of a realization that at least now I don’t have to question myself and beat myself up because I wasn’t brave enough to take a chance.

As I grow older I realize that life throws us so many chances and all we really have to do is decide which ones we want to take. Needless to say (even though here I am still writing about it) you can only see those chances, if you open your heawp_ss_20150819_0001rt to them and be ready for possible failures, disappointed and regrets. However when you do leave your shy self behind, you free yourself from constant torture of your thoughts asking you why… why couldn’t you just make that one tiny step.

As I have told you before, I am a romantic, so a lot of my regrets do happen because of missed chances with people. Or sometimes, failed chances at something possible. Failed for so many reasons that this post would become a good night story if I wrote them all down. But under all those regrets there is also a positive feeling that at least now I know that person was not for me and I no longer imagine a perfect future we could have had.

This is why for several months now, whenever I face myself with a decision, which comes down to me really wanting something but having my complexes hold me down, I tell myself: ‘remember that months or maybe even years from now, you won’t regret having gained experience from your actions, you will regret missing them along with possible happiness’. I have told this to myself so often that it has become somewhat my philosophy. With its help I have opened my heart to a lot of special people and special experiences, not all good, but all that helped me to become a person I am now. And I can assure you that at this moment and time, I am the happiest I remember myself in a long while.

All I am asking you, is please don’t shut down the world. Embrace the bad along side with the good and build a life you can proudly call ‘yours’.

Truly yours,


Photo credits: BestSayings

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