And so it goes…

‘Remember Tonight… for it is the beginning of always’
                                                                      -Dante Alighieri

Dear person behind the screen,

After a dozen of deleted beginnings I think I am ready to begin. To begin creating an online person I want you to meet. Somebody a lot like myself, yet somebody a lot bolder too. In our lifetime, there are things we conceal from the world, conceal parts of us that are too vulnerable to be left unguarded. There is always somebody who can break us. Well let’s be honest, the world breaks everybody too: the talented, the beautiful, the lost, the found.

The beauty of putting your soul on to the Internet is the shield of anonymity, the shield of knowing that no matter how alone you feel, there is always somebody who knows what you are going through. One way to show you that those words are true, is to be a true version of myself and see if you will feel the same way as I do, at least in some far away corner of your heart.

I want to introduce you to a little bubble of my life; somewhat complicated yet easy, somewhat lost yet found. Hold on to your mouse and let me welcome you to my thoughts and feelings. I hope you will be interested till the very end (or at least to the next post).
Truly Yours,


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